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Coegit Font Free Download

Coegit Font Free Download

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In the world of webfonts, Condensed proportions are key to maximizing your page’s premium real estate while keeping your copy clean and catchy as you cut down to the essentials. Soon after the introduction of webfonts, I began to see Insigne’s Le Havre used frequently for web headlines, not so much for its Art Deco look as for its more compact proportions. There seemed to be a need for a font that was designed to be used solely for the web’s unique constraints. Enter Coegit Sans. Coegit is built specifically for web applications. Its highly Condensed forms range from thin–offering the greatest number of uses–to the attractive, accenting black. With three widths–Compressed, Compact, and the widest, Condensed –the family holds a total of sixteen fonts. The typefamily has also been hinted for excellent, onscreen display quality, even at small sizes. Overall, its lighter, humanist features provide the reader a more congenial welcome than its square, sans-serif counterparts can offer. Coegit is equipped for complex professional typography with stems, small caps and plenty of alts, including titling capitals. The face includes a number of numeral sets, including fractions, old-style and lining figures with superiors and inferiors. OpenType-capable applications such as Quark or the Adobe suite can take full advantage of automatically replacing ligatures and alternates. You can find these features demonstrated in the .pdf brochure. The family also includes glyphs to support a wide range of languages, including Central, Eastern and Western European languages. In all, Coegit supports over 40 languages that use the Latin script, making the new addition a great choice for multi-lingual publications and packaging. While the advanced OpenType features of webfonts are not currently supported in many browsers, the near future promises wide support. As acceptance of these features grow, Coegit Sans will prove to be a versatile element for your wide range of web projects.


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