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Eroika Slab Font Free Download

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Eroika Slab is a robust, display serif, intended to be set large. While for most serifs, display means high contrast, Eroika’s “displayness” stems from its wide stance, tight spacing, equal cap and ascender heights, flared stems and large x-height. The italics in particular are quite unorthodox, with their vertical serif cut-offs and foot serifs where most fear to tread (‘scuse the pun). All fonts feature a useful array of stylistic sets, oldstyle figures, automatic fractions and case sensitive forms. All ligatures are in the discretionary section, as it’s my belief that this typeface looks better without them, but I like to offer the choice. Perfect for book covers, craft beer logos, boxing paraphernalia and tattoo magazine pull quotes. And probably a whole lot more besides!


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