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Fredoka – Free Rounded Bold Font

Fredoka Fonts – Free Rounded & Bold Font
Get two great fonts in one easy-to-download pack with Fredoka fonts, perfectly rounded and bold Fredoka One + Super Cute Fredoka Dingbats. I can think dozens of design projects where I could use this font, from website header displays to timeless bold logos.
Fredoka is a font project made by Milena Brandao. Fredoka One is also supported by Google Fonts and is available for use under the SIL Open Font License. Fredoka Dingbats has never been officially released, but it’s a great add to this font with its cute charachters and now you can get it in this pack 🙂
Milena has been kind enough to let me feature this font on my website. In exchance I’ve created the top preview images that shows how well this font fits into modern bold logos. Scroll in the end of this post for a download link and please appreciate if you love it 🙂

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