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Plat Sans Serif Typeface Free Download

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In 1887, Erastus Benson bought roughly 900 acres of land. He platted the land and called it Benson Place, now referred to as Benson. The land he platted provided many opportunities for entrepreneurs through the years, including myself. Many of the big moments in my life happened in Benson, so the name pays homage to how it all began.

This typeface comes with 6 fonts including alternative versions of select letters, punctuation marks, and other key glyphs. A big inspiration in the design was based on vintage prints. More often than not, when you pick up an old matchbox for instance, the ink will have bled which eliminated any harsh corners. Enlarge the images for detail to see what I mean. You will also notice the usage of all caps in vintage prints, which I applied to Plat. Two key design elements that make this typeface unique are the option of grunge fonts, and the smooth edges. The grunge fonts are based on a stamp effect, where the texture is focused on the inside of the letters.

So what do you get?

• Plat Regular (OTF) • Plat Regular Grunge 1 (OTF) • Plat Regular Grunge 2 (OTF) • Plat Condensed (OTF) • Plat Condensed Grunge 1 (OTF) • Plat Condensed Grunge 2 (OTF)

The vintage touch along with the modern approach makes it a timeless typeface. I use this style regularly in my work. Plat can be used for many purposes including logo design, apparel design, wedding invitations, stationery sets, you name it! Purchasing allows you to use the typeface for both personal and commercial use. Have fun!


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