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Texta Font Family Free Download

Texta Font Family Free Download

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Texta. A Sans for All.

Through studying humanists’ models from Edward Johnston to Adrian Frutiger and the Gothic Alphabet made by sign painters comes Texta, a contemporary, rational, transparent and useful sans to compose all kind of texts. We incorporated an Alt version that replaces lower cases like a-g-y with geometric constructions to get more versatility in neutral compositions.

Texta update:

New set of diacritics for uppercase letters.

New design of symbols like Section, Partialdiff, Dagger, Approxequal, among others.

Expansion of monetary symbols, (Bitcoin, Peso, Franc, etc.)

Basic ligatures like fi, fl.

Stylistic set ss01 with alternate “a” and “e”.

Set of 496 glyphs, more than 200 new glyphs.

Supports over 200 languages.


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